About Us

CJR is a Chicago-based civil rights organization dedicated to the education, empowerment, freedom, and liberation of same gender loving Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other sexual identity communities. From the picket line to the ballot box, CJR continues to fight for inclusion, political, educational, social, and economic justice for our people. The CJR Empowerment Center is a safe space for the Black LGBTQ+ community.


Fighting For You


CJR was born out of the numerous needs facing the Black LGBTQ+ community. A community that continues to be economically disadvantaged due to continuous systemic structural discrimination. A sizable percentage of our community by design  face housing and food insecurity, fewer educational opportunities, barriers to a sustainable living wage and a lack of affordable healthcare. 

We are fighting against the disproportionate level of economic insecurity, violence, harassment, HIV and health inequity, religious intolerance, criminal injustice, targeted arrest and disparate rate of Black Trans incarceration.


Early on we understood that a key part in securing a better quality of life for same gender loving Black LGBTQ+ in need of our support was to provide free and easily accessible HIV testing. We immediately went to work and found sponsors that understood the necessity for our existence.  The need is great but we were built for this. We are always in need of supporters that see us and share our vision.