The election is over and the people have spoken! President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris will take office at 12pm EST on January 20, 2021. Biden pledges unity in his address to the nation.

Civil, Health Care, Immigrant, LGBTQ+, Women, Workers rights, decency, honesty and democracy were on the ballot. The people showed up and voted in record numbers to save democracy but the work is not over. 

During President Obama’s administration he was not able to achieve many of the goals he set forth once Republicans gained control of the Senate. Mitch McConnell gleefully stated that it was his intention to make sure that President Obama was a one-term president. Although McConnell did not succeed in defeating President Obama in 2012 he did refuse as Senate President to give hearings to over 140 federal judicial candidates as well as Supreme Court judicial candidate Merrick Garland. 

Due to McConnell actions Donald Trump filled over 200 federal judicial vacancies including the over 140 vacancies he refused to fill during the Obama administration. Many of the judges confirmed by the McConnell controlled Senate were rated unqualified prior to confirmation. McConnell openly laughs about keeping President Obama from performing his right to place federal judges on the bench.   

President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris will face the same fate as President Obama unless the Democratic Party can gain control of the U.S. Senate by electing Georgia runoff candidates Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock. Both Candidates are LGBTQ+ allies. People across the country are lending a hand to help elect Ossoffand Warnock.

McConnell is an employee of the federal government paid by the American people but his allegiance is not to the American people overall.  On January 5, 2021 the American people can help remove McConnell from power and give way to progress by helping Georgia elect Jon Ossloff and Reverend Ralph Warnock.  


If you plan to vote in the upcoming Georgia runoff or know someone who is check this out. 

The following organizations are helping to get out the vote in Georgia. 


  • Black Voters Matter Fund. Want to help more Black communities vote? This is your group. They advocate for expanded voting rights and access, and just finished months of intensive voter registration and outreach across the South. Now they’re hitting the streets in the Peach State. Donate here.

  • ACLU of Georgia. The civil liberties legal group is intensely involved in protecting Georgians’ voter rights both in courtrooms and at polling stations. Donate here.

  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta. Before the November 3 election, the nonpartisan group called 92% of Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Georgia. They’ll do it again leading up to January. Donate here.

  • The New Georgia Project. A well-regarded effort to register and engage voters, credited with enrolling over 500,000 people. Though officially a nonpartisan 501(c)3, NGP is associated with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. They will be out in force for the next two months. Donate here.

  • NAACP Georgia. This nonpartisan branch is quite active in getting voters to the polls, including a partnership with Lyft to facilitate voting. Donate here.

  • Galeo. A nonpartisan group building civic engagement in the Latino community. Their substantial voter registration arm aims to make sure that all eligible Latinos are both registered and turn out. Donate here.

  • Fair Fight. The nationwide group combats voter suppression and promotes “free and fair elections” from its home base in Georgia. It is a left-leaning PAC. Donate here.