Programs & Services


Our programs and services are rooted in the importance of community. Staying engaged and networking is a powerful way to reinforce community and gain access to knowledge with those that share the same experiences.


There is a pill that helps prevent HIV. PrEP. People who use PrEP must commit to taking it everyday and to seeing their health care provider every three months.

Our HIV services are centered around the disproportionate rate at which Blacks contract HIV. We recognize that while thousands still die from the disease every year due to homophobia and anti-LGBTQ bias overall many Black LGBTQ+ people in our community are unaware of their status. We have created a secure and welcoming HIV testing environment.

Due to Covid-19 our ZOOM groups are on hold until and our HIV testing service is available on a limited basis. Contact Caprice  to Schedule a HIV test: 773-949-6050.  Visit our resources page for vital services information. Get Involved.




- Free Confidential HIV Testing

- HIV Education

- Check In Chat

- PrEP And Risk Reduction Counseling

- Free Condom Distribution

- HIV Outreach

- HIV Treatment Provider Referrals

- Vital Services Information 


- We All We Got Black Transgender Group

- For Real Tho? Writers Group For Black LGBTQ+

- Group For Young Black LGBTQ+

- Marc Loveless Book Club

- Young Black LGBTQ+ Outreach Group